Sweden asks the question: what makes CAN AXARTELL wines so unique?

The magazine "Style in Mallorca" gives answers (PDF)

From Schwarzkopf hair cosmetics to Finca Can Axartell

The winejournal Bonvitas has interviewed Hans-Peter Schwarzkopf
-Can Axartell-Wein-10

"Drink more good, naturally made wine"

The wine blog "Drunkenmonday" asks for Hans-Peter Schwarzkopf

Hotels AMB und DOC

Last Friday, October 6 the Auditorium of Vilafranca del Penedès hosted the awards ceremony of the fifth edition...

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CAN AXARTELL18/01/2020 @ 9:00
Stay tuned the new vintage is coming soon!🍇🍷
CAN AXARTELL16/01/2020 @ 13:00
For us sustainability is one of the most important factors during our wine making 🍷🌍
💡 Did you know our bodega was built in a quarry and the natural cold of the rock lets us reduce energy and ensures uniformly cool temperatures between 16 to 18 °C in the interior of the building? That is positive for both the production and storage of the wines
CAN AXARTELL14/01/2020 @ 12:01
It’s still chilly outside so spend this time somewhere cozy and take a nice bottle of Ventum with you🍷🌬

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