134th abcMallorca Best Addresses 2020

Wir freuen uns eines des besten Adressen Mallorcas 2020 zu sein! Ihr findet uns auf den Seiten 104-105.

Oster-Special bei I.L.Casa

Erhaltet ab jetzt tolle Rabatte auf unseren Blanco 2019, Rosado 2019 und Corum 2018!⁠ Eine super Chance die neuen Jahrgänge des Blanco und Rosado auszuprobieren. Besucht für das Angebot einfach und sichert euch euren Wein für Ostern! ⁠ Das Oster-Special läuft bis Ostermontag also schlagt schnell zu!

Auszeichnungen Biofach 2020

Wir freuen uns zu verkünden, dass drei unserer Weine unter die besten Weine der MUNDUS VINI Biofach 2020 gewählt wurden. Ventum und The Artist erhielten Gold und unser Corum wurde mit Silber ausgezeichnet. Besonders gefreut hat uns, dass…

Podcast Originalverkorkt x CAN AXARTELL

Erfahren Sie mehr über CAN AXARTELL im Podcast Wein am Sonntag

Meiningers Weinreisen: Die spannendsten Wein-Hotspots

Beitrag im Meiningers Weinreisen Magazin
-Can Axartell-Wein-10Hendrikmjr-Produktfotografie

“Trinkt mehr guten, natürlich gemachten Wein”

Der Wein Blog Drunkenmonday fragt nach bei Hans-Peter Schwarzkopf

Von Schwarzkopf Haarkosmetik zur Finca Can Axartell

Das Weinjournal Bonvitas hat Hans-Peter Schwarzkopf interviewt.

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CAN AXARTELL24/01/2022 @ 10:13
Start your day with coffee, end the day with a sensational and seductive wine like Terrum.
CAN AXARTELL23/01/2022 @ 18:34
Did you know that we’ve changed our label for The Artist? We switch it every year with a painting by one of Pollença’s adored artists, Dionís Bennàssar.

Swipe to see the new label 👉 Have you tried this wine?

📸 sylvainlazureen
CAN AXARTELL21/01/2022 @ 11:30
Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to experience our beautiful and magical winery where wines are made with the utmost care and respect for the environment? It’s definitely picture perfect to us.

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Add the final touch to your salad, pasta or fish dishes with our cold-pressed olive oil that's fruity, intense and has fresh aromas with a green apple scent - Delicious!

📸 antiguapanaderiapollensa
CanAxartell photo
We encapsulate the gentle art of winemaking, through the integration of “Mètode Gravetat”. Unlike most estates, which employ pumps to move the wine from one stage to the next, winemaking here relies on the natural forces of gravity to assist with all stages. CanAxartell photo
We are looking forward to what 2022 has in store for Can Axartell, but more importantly sharing those special moments with you all.

Make this the year to try our wines and have a taste of what Can Axartell has to offer.
CanAxartell photo
We are grateful to call #Mallorca our home, from the blissful weather to the ability to create wines with respect from such an idyllic location… It’s truly a dream! CanAxartell photo
If you didn’t get the chance to try our wines in 2021, you should do it this year and Ventum would be a great start.

It’s created using Merlot, Syrah and Callet grapes that burst in powerful Mediterranean character and the wine shows notes of liquorice and spices.

📸 psmatsal
CanAxartell photo
Raise your glasses to the #NewYear! 🥂🥳

We are looking forward to what 2022 has in store for us, but before that we have an exciting giveaway to kickstart the year for you all very soon…

Do you have any guesses of what it could be? 👀
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